Thursday, April 12, 2012

That 6 letter word...

Ryan and I always said we wouldn't have our children play soccer because we just really don't like it! Why run your rear end off and put your all into something/a game and then end in a tie?! A tie is a loss if you ask us ;-)
As Spring was coming closer, we approached Zoe with possibly playing a sport and giving gymnastics a break. I was hoping she would be able to play t-ball (she isn't old enough) and also threw soccer out there as an option. I showed her a you-tube video of each and she said she wanted to try soccer because "t-ball looks too hard"! Yep- that would be our little princess!
So, we signed her up for soccer in hopes to spark an interest in competitive sports.
She has had three practices so far and absolutely loves it! She is one of two girls on the whole team - there are 10 boys! That little princess of ours gets right in there and shows no fear of all those big boys!
Ryan is really getting into it and trying to teach her something! We love that she is taking interest in a sport ;-)
We all went to her first practice and Jack was enamored with all of the balls and stood very still for being there for an hour!

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