Thursday, April 12, 2012


If you live in Ohio, you know that we had a crazy Winter, that seemed much more like Spring. The beginning of March really tricked us and made us think Summer was right around the corner! We, of course, love getting outside and playing!
Jack, has kept up his obsession with balls and it has just gotten worse since we can go outside most days! Ryan loves every second of this and is already trying to make him an all-star. While they practice, Zoe likes to "coach" and sometimes get a little lesson in herself! Here are a few pictures from some outside play :-)

That 6 letter word...

Ryan and I always said we wouldn't have our children play soccer because we just really don't like it! Why run your rear end off and put your all into something/a game and then end in a tie?! A tie is a loss if you ask us ;-)
As Spring was coming closer, we approached Zoe with possibly playing a sport and giving gymnastics a break. I was hoping she would be able to play t-ball (she isn't old enough) and also threw soccer out there as an option. I showed her a you-tube video of each and she said she wanted to try soccer because "t-ball looks too hard"! Yep- that would be our little princess!
So, we signed her up for soccer in hopes to spark an interest in competitive sports.
She has had three practices so far and absolutely loves it! She is one of two girls on the whole team - there are 10 boys! That little princess of ours gets right in there and shows no fear of all those big boys!
Ryan is really getting into it and trying to teach her something! We love that she is taking interest in a sport ;-)
We all went to her first practice and Jack was enamored with all of the balls and stood very still for being there for an hour!


Well, I officially failed at my new year's resolution of keeping up with the blog. Several people have asked me if I was going to try to keep up with it, so I've decided I should put more effort into it. I would really love to just skip February all together, but instead I will just give a brief overview of the entire month and move on!
* Zoe started the month off with a horrible urinary tract infection, which led to a months worth of doctor visits, ultrasounds, medicines, and attempts to pee in a cup!
*Grandpa passed away very unexpectedly at the beginning of the month - which left us all in shock and sadness for quite a while!
*I turned 30 - enough said
*Jack was meaner than ever!
*Pregnancy wise, I just became more and more miserable.
There you have it - February!

Tuesday, January 31, 2012


I've decided that I'm going to attempt to keep up with our lives in words until I can get this computer to let me upload pictures to the blog. I had to share this funny story in hopes that we will never forget it!
Last night, Zoe had gymnastics. Ryan took her in an attempt to help me get some rest (I think he forgot that I would be home with Jack - the monster)! While they were gone, I laid out the kids clothes for today. Zoe usually helps pick out her clothes, but I figured I would make the evening go a little faster by doing it for her. When she got home I told her I had chosen a shirt and a skirt with some tights. I also mentioned that if she wanted something else to wear it was fine.
Fast forward to this morning....
Ryan and Zoe are like two peas in a pod in the mornings and don't always make for the best combination. This morning was one of those mornings! Zoe decided she didn't like what I had laid out for her and wanted to wear something different, all while Ryan was telling her that she was wearing what I had chosen. According to him, she went into her room and picked out a "God awful skirt" and he told her absolutely not. He continued getting himself and Jack ready for the day and left her upstairs. She told him "Mommy will not be happy with you for not letting me wear what I want!" HA!
My mom has been saying she would stop by on the mornings Zoe has school to help do her hair....and just happened to stop in this morning. When she got here, Zoe was dressed - in the outfit I had picked - and mom commented to her how cute she looked. Zoe boldly stated otherwise and proceeded to tell mom that her shirt wasn't "her color purple"! OH MY! Where did I get this sassy little girl who cares about style?!
Once she finally settled in to the fact that she was wearing the outfit that I had laid out, she also wanted to be sure to wear jewelry!
Lord, please help me if this next baby is a girl! Please let her at least like to get a little dirty and watch sports!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Failing Already

Well, I said I would blog weekly and here we are at the end of January and I haven't done it!
This baby is kicking my rear....or maybe it's the hardest class ever....or maybe it's chasing two children of my own around.....or maybe it's keeping up with the housework.....or just possibly it could be a combination of them all!
This week was a really rough one and I'm hoping, praying, crossing my fingers and legs in hopes that next week is better!
So, now that I'm on here I wanted to try to upload some pictures that I've taken on the ipad and it won't let me! GRRR! Guess I'll have to keep working on that one! Guess I'll also have to keep looking for a card reader so I can upload pictures from the camera!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Long time, no blog!

Well, just as expected, the blessing of two children along with starting school and the surprise of another baby on the way, all caught up with me and blogging became the last thing on my list of "to-do's". When Christmas rolled around, I was very sad to not be printing last years blog book and really wished that I had kept up with it! So, I've thought about it, and my plan is to, hopefully, go back and blog about Christmas and then blog at least once a week this year. I at least want to get my pictures uploaded and share them with all our family.
Now the other lovely hubby listened to my wishes and bought us an iPad for Christmas :-) I'm actually in love with it and looking forward to using it at work. The challenge is that I haven't quite figured out how to get pictures from my camera onto the iPad! So, this coming weekend is a 3 day weekend - hopefully I will be able to sit down and take a break from doing report cards and get it all figured out!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

10 months

Jack turned 10 months on June 26th. Here are some highlights!
-He is very vocal! We have finally decided to admit that his first word is "Buckeye" although it comes out a little more like "Bu". 
-Buckeye is his favorite thing on 4 legs and she could care less about him....unless he is eating!
-He is eating pretty much all "big people" foods, cut into little pieces and boy does he LOVE to eat!
-He pulls himself up onto just about anything he can hold on to.
-He has developed quite the flirty personality!
-He is sleeping pretty well through the night ;-)
-He drinks from a sippy cup!
-He now has 8 total teeth through

Here he is enjoying some sweet potatoes!